Alligator Airboat Tours

Get Ready to See Wild Gators Up Close in your Very Own Airboat 🙂

Rescue your family from backyard boredom. Journey into the wild Florida Everglades…

It’s hard to deny the allure and excitement of (safely) seeing a wild alligator up close for the very first time.

You might do this at a park stuck behind a fence, or on a big, slow & crowded airboat with strangers. Or, in a way that ensures you don’t miss out on the unexpected…

Airboat Rides & Wild Alligators Tours

The Personalized Experience

Seeing an alligator for the first time in it’s own natural habitat is only the beginning.

Learning about these amazing wetlands while riding over swamp and marsh in the comfort of our state of the art airboat is a thrilling experience. Add to it the serenity, the wildlife and the freedom to explore, you get something extra.

Better Quality Time

The attention from our guides is personalized, boats are faster and you get to spend more time on the water and swamp. No strangers or being herded like cattle. Ride in the privacy you and your family deserves with proven professionals.

When it all comes together, we can thank our beautiful prehistoric friends for sharing something much more special with us- the time we get to have with each other.

The Best Airboat Adventure


Being your private boat, you maximize your memories & photo ops


Fast thrill ride at speeds up to 40 knots! (not like the slower big & crowded boats)


Great for Bird Watchers & Animal lovers

You deserve the best 🙂

While on an airboat ride in the Florida Everglades, a baby alligator snatches up a quick bite. Captain Stuart tells us that young alligators and turtles can be friends even though turtles are one of alligator’s favorite foods. Choose your friends wisely!

How to Book your Everglades Airboat Ride

1 - Choose Your Tour

We offer 1 hour, 90 minute and 2 hour tours based on the type of activity you're looking for.

2 - Choose Your Date

Our advanced booking system will show you exactly what we have available so you can easily plan your private adventure according to your schedule.

3 - Get Ready for Adventure!

Once your booking is complete, you'll receive a custom itinerary for your private airboat adventure. We'll make sure you have directions, and other preparations all ready to go.

An exciting moment seeing wild alligators for the first time on their private air boat tour in the Florida Everglades.

Choose Your Airboat Tour and Book Online

Reservations required at least 4 hours in advance. Your online booking gets you an instant and confirmed reservation.

Our everglades tours run from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM, daily. Additionally:

  • Include 2 people in the listed price
  • Have a maximum capacity of 8 people
  • Each additional person from 13 years is $75
  • Private Airboat Tours require advanced reservations
  • Kids 12 years and under, ride free

Introduction to the Everglades

Introduction to the Everglades
1 Hour: Starting at $275
Include 2 people
Each additional passenger: $75
Kids 12 and under ride free
Up to 8 people per boat

Heart of the Everglades

Heart of the Everglades
90 Minute: Starting at $325
Include 2 people
Each additional passenger: $75
Kids 12 and under ride free
Up to 8 people per boat

Full circuit VIP Experience

Full circuit VIP Experience
2 Hour: Starting at $375
Include 2 people
Each additional passenger: $75
Kids 12 and under ride free
Up to 8 people per boat


Whether you’re near Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton or West Palm Beach, your airboat adventure is just a short drive away.


There’s no sharing your ride through the Florida Everglades with people you don’t know. With your reservation, the airboat is yours.


Our Florida airboat adventures are conducted by guides that are experienced at driving airboats. They do not take unnecessary risks. Your safety, and fun, is priority!

"This is truly a thrill ride with a few pauses to catch your breath. Safe and friendly service. We had the time of our lives and we got to see alligators!!"
Mery E.

Mery E.

Serving clients from Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

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