From December through April is considered the dry season in South Florida. If you take an airboat ride out of Fort Lauderdale right now, however, you may notice that the water levels are pretty high. 

There has been a lot of rain in the central part of the state, which has made its way along the River of Grass to the vast expanses of the Everglades west of Fort Lauderdale that we tour in our airboats. Still, compared to the rainy season (which runs from May through November), conditions are relatively dry. 

The Dry Season in the Everglades

The dry season is typically the most popular time of year to enjoy a private airboat tour of the Everglades. Of course, there is nothing typical about this year, but that doesn’t change the aspects of the dry season that make it such a great time to visit.  

It’s not just the amount of rain that makes the dry season such an attractive time to visit South Florida. The humidity levels are lower, you won’t see many mosquitos and, in general, the weather is just gorgeous!

So, in addition to touring what USA Today calls “one of America’s most distinctive landmarks,” you can escape what might seem like a never-ending winter of grey skies, cold winds and piles of snow and enjoy some wonderfully warm weather under Florida’s sunny skies. 

As USA Today reports, “Average highs are in the upper 70s and average lows in the low 50s, although an occasional cold front intrudes from the north. Humidity is low and significant rainfall rare. Biting insects are uncommon, unless you’re trekking into the heart of a wet hammock or mangrove labyrinth.”

And we guarantee that if you would like to join us for an Everglades tour out of Fort Lauderdale, we will steer clear of wet hammocks and mangrove labyrinths! If you would like more information about what to expect on a Fort Lauderdale airboat this time of year, all you have to do is contact us.