Top 3 Summer Airboating Tips

How to Ensure an Enjoyable Ride

All right, Captain Stewart here of Florida Airboating. I just want to take a few minutes and tell you a few summer airboating tips about how you can make your air boat trip more enjoyable.

Tip #1: Dress for the Heat

Number one summer’s here. It’s extremely hot. So dress for the heat. I would prefer sneakers over sandals because you’re walking on rocks in the parking lot, but dress for the. And bring a light jacket for rain because you know there’s an old saying if you don’t like the weather in Florida: wait a minute we get a lot of late afternoon quick moving showers and in the heat they can be ice cold. So it’s better if you have a jacket.

Tip #2: Baseball Cap and Sunglasses (Polarized)

Also you want to bring at least a baseball cap and a pair of sunglasses. And I recommend you pick up a cheap pair of polarized sunglasses. They cut out all the glare from the water and you can see fish women by the boat alligators swimming under the water when they go by. It adds to the experience. The baseball cap keeps the sun out. It keeps the rain off your face. I know you saying well it’ll blow off my head. Well you can take head phones that we supply put the band toward the front tuck it down like this and that’ll help hold the hat on it. It actually will add to your experience just a couple little things like that.

Tip #3 Watch the Weather & Be Prepared

Also keep an eye on the weather and the night before. And what it’s doing one day it’s likely to do the next and just be prepared for it.

Your captain has just about everything you want on the boat. We have cold water. You don’t have to bring a cooler or drink unless you have some special needs or special purpose for your. Perfectly welcome to bring your own drinks. But we are out cold water on the boat. Also when I set out to talk talking and education is a big part of the tour. It gets extremely hot. I have umbrellas for the sun and the compartment up front.

I know a lot of the other boats don’t do that. But if you’re too hot I can give you an umbrella – take the sun off your head. And as long as we’re moving it’s not bad. It’s really nice trip still even though it’s hot. Just a few little preparations will help get you through the day. And we look forward to seeing you here. Florida air voting. Have a great day.

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